A whole lot of Youtube videos and online websites advertise DNS requirements which is often used to disengage Netflix and other American sites. I have also seen a lot of questions floating around, in those questions users ask about new DNS limitations since the ones they have been using are not working anymore. Since a seasoned security expert I find this very worrying. In this article Let me try to shed some light on the potential risks associated with such practices.


Smart DNS Proxies are an alternate solution to VPN used to disengage American content such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, WWE Network and content from other countries. Examples from other countries would be BBC Iplayer from UK, or Canaplus from Portugal.

VPN stands for Online Private Tunnel and simply creates an encrypted canal between your devices and the VPN server.
Good DNS proxies apply some smart routing logic in order to deliver only geo-related traffic through computers in the USA, UK or elsewhere.
If you need more information, please see this head on head comparison of VPN vs Smart DNS Unblock proxies.

By using a Good DNS proxy service, is not a bad idea. The only problem is that you do NOT REALLY really know what traffic is being re-routed, which means you do have to trust the Wise DNS proxy service. In the event you randomly find DNS codes online, and then apply those codes to unblock Netflix and the likes you risk the hazards below.

Your privateness is exposed, do you even really know what information is gathered about you, how long it is retained, and for what purposes?
Performance issues. If you are using a web based unique code, chances might be it is overloaded, and DNS queries are slow-moving, which in turn drops down all of your Internet.
Your personal information is at risk! Provided that you do not know who operates and owns that DNS code. You are in risk of your personal information such as Facebook information, Checking accounts, email accounts, being re-routed and stolen.
Stability at loss. How much fun would it be, if you have to keep running around fetching DNS codes, and your Internet being down on and off all the time.
No support! In case you have issues with the service, who do you turn to?
Free? How come? So there is a DNS proxy code online, which is free to use? Why? I am talking about what is in it for the DNS code owner? Under which jurisdiction is he acting? And again under what privacy guidelines?

Wise DNS proxies are a great, easy and fast way to unblock US content and other geo blocked content on Your devices. We personally use Smart DNS, I do use a service called Unlocator, Unlocator operated in beta method for free for eight months, and now it is just a paid service at UNITED STATES DOLLAR 4. 99 per mo with a 7 times free sample. More importantly, We can vouch that Unlocator does cover the items below.

My advice is to work with any Smart DNS proxy service online that suits your needs. Unlocator or in any other case, free or paid. NEVERTHELESS make sure it fulfills at least the subsequent least requirements.

A evidently obvious and written online privateness policy.
A company that operates in a good legal system. I. e. I was not sure I would want to entrust my visitors a service working from kookoo land: ).
Great support. See Online video and Picture guides for setup here
A well balanced system. In other words, once you employ the DNS codes of your supplier, your Internet should not become slow or volatile.
Clearly explained contact information for the DNS supplier.
Note that the potential risks above are valid for regular proxy IPs you aimlessly find online as well.


If you are buying a secure alternative to anonymous proxies and Wise DNS you might like to check away VPN. VPN will CERTAINLY NOT work on your Wise TV, Apple TV and other boxes if you do not have VPN router. But a VPN service such as Exhibit VPN does have the next advantages:

Encrypts your traffic so your ISP find it difficult to track or eavesdrop
Express VPN has software for Google android, IOS, MAC and LAPTOP OR COMPUTER that make it a wind to setup
Servers in most countries of the world
Can overcome DNS Hijacking and Transparent Unblock proxies.
Unblocks ALL content for the Server country, not merely the supported channels.
You can only see content from one country at any given time.

Review on Smart DNS Proxy


There is possibility for you to listen to music and also watch TV shows from ABS, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora or something but you need to have a VPN setup so that geographical barriers can be overcome. This VPN Sport setup can help the individuals in easily accessing these websites from any other place outside US. The major problem with the VPN service is that you need to pay an amount on this and the connection speed associated with it is also much slow when you are comparing it with a normal network. There is possibility for you to use these services that can be helpful for the various things like the live streaming of videos and so on. You can get access to the stream music, blocked websites and also video that is available without speed loss by using the proxy DNS. You can make use of the Smart DNS service which requires you to just configure the network and there is no need for you to use any kind of software. Once you get your network configured, you may be able to see the list of services that support various companies like Spain, Turkey, Canada, UK and US. Smart DNS proxy is something that can be used not only in your computer but also in various other devices like iPad, iPhone, PS Vista, AppleTV, XBOX and so on. As it is all about network setting there is no need for installing any of the software that should be compatible with the design.

DNS Proxy Account for Free

There is no payment option currently available with smartdnsproxy.com but you may have to pay 4.99 dollars per month which is fixed. You can register in the website for an account that is free which can be used for a particular time period that allows users to use the smart DNS without any traffic as well as restrictions on usage. You can go to the signup page where you can enter the various details that they require and then can submit that. You can get a verification email in your email which can be used for activating your website. There is no limit; you can use it as you need for the time frame that they have provided. This can really make you enjoy watching the TV shows that you want which are telecast in various televisions in best way.

Pricing Plans

There are various pricing plans available with smartdnsproxy.com which includes 4.90 dollars in a month, 12.90 dollars for 3 months, 34.90 dollars for 12 months and 49.90 dollars for 24 months. These plans can be chosen as per your need and the budget that you have set aside for spending over it. They are even offering 57 percentage of discount on the various plans that they are providing. You can even use this DNS proxy from smart for 14 days for free. This trail period can help you in evaluating the service well before you are investing some money on it. They accept payment through cashU, Paypal, WebMoney and Credit Cards. This can make payment done without any hassles.

Using Smart DNS Proxy

There is no need for you to have any advanced supports or setup for using smart DNS proxy. Most of the devices like Mac, Windows, Linux, AppleTV, smartTV, Wii, Roku and many others can use this service without adding any new features in to it. The servers of the smartdnsproxy.com is available in various parts of the world like US, UK, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Netherlands, Lebanon, Japan, Israel, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada and Australia. People living in any of these countries can make use of these services so that they can view and use the websites that are actually banned in their country. This is the feature that most of the individual loves to use and it enables such a facility by hiding the geographical location of the particular IP address that is available on the network.

Speed of the Original Provider

If you are using smart DNS proxy, you can access the websites that are blocked with the same speed that of the provider. There is no need for making many changes too in your device for accessing the website that you need which is blocked. There is possibility for having direct access on the website that are blocked previously without any loss in the speed.

DNS Software Available for Mac and Windows OS

There is possibility for you to make use of this excellent technology from the operating system that you are using without making many changes in the settings. The only thing that you need to do is to enter the key for Smart DNS and to choose DNS server which is closer to the location of yours. It is easy, fast and good.

Money Back- Guarantee

You can get the money back in 30 days after spending on this technology if you are not able to connect to the service of smart DNS or that you are unable to access any of the websites that are blocked. This guarantee really tells that the company is genuine and you can spend on this service without risking your money.

Unlimited Devices on Same Package

Same package can be utilized for as many devices as possible. It is only necessary for you to make sure that these devices are on similar network and have the same external IP. There is possibility for you to use any of the devices that you have which include your mobiles, your computers or even your Smart TVs to get connected to unblock channel.

Free Trail

If you think you do not want to invest money just like that without knowing much about the company, you can think about taking a trail of the services for 7 days. This trial period can help in evaluating the service well before you make investment on it. This is a kind of service that can be great for the countries that have blocked most of the popular websites.

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With the most recent advancements in technology today many people are turning towards internet shopping, you will find in case you are still hesitant towards shopping online and paying online through various available modes of payment, than the article is critical read in your case. Shopping online will likely offer the benefit of using discount deals available through Tradus online coupons. This article will hit you up for from the best security tips that you can know when generating purchases online so that you will may make an online purchase with virtually no type of worries always. These tips will allow you to benefit from the benefits associated with shopping on the web together with offers like Tradus coupons and never have to get out of your homes. Following will be the safety tips which are needed for everyone who wish to make an online purchase however are terrified of the frauds happening inside whole buying online process:The first safety tip that everybody shopping on the web must look into is making payment online by having a bank card rather than using a debit card. Credit cards have better protection allowances in comparison with other paying cards for example ATM cards, cash cards and atm cards; therefore, in the event if something fails when using a charge cards you are able to stop or cancel the transaction inside of a certain time period by calling the buyer care authorities from the bank card company. With certain charge cards, moreover, you may receive the facility of availing offers through Tradus coupons. On the other hand, taking a look at the atm cards or any other cash cards, money once transacted are not reversed; therefore, there won’t be odds of protection. At all times, you can savor using Tradus online coupons for discounted transactions.The second safety tip you being an online customer must look into is that you can keep one particular bank card for making purchases online. This will allow you to keep a on top of your purchases an internet-based transactions inside an easy manner. Also ensure to use one particular computer or perhaps camera to be sure hardly any other people would steal your passwords and bank card details. This can also save your Tradus online coupons at one place. These security steps not merely stop you secured from unwary online searchers, almost all assists in protecting your own personal details from online viruses for example Trojans. It also makes using Tradus coupons convenient and.The third tip to get looked at is cleaning browser cache at each transaction. You should make sure that you’ll be always opening a whole new internet browser each and every time you’re planning for making a web based purchase. Moreover, when you’re finished with online transaction successfully, it is best to pay off the cache and history saved on the internet browser; this will likely make sure that who else besides selecting in a position to access your own personal and financial details. Always remember that when you find yourself shopping on the web, you should not visit unknown links which are forwarded with your emails, especially discount links for example Tradus coupons; it is best to manually copy and paste such Tradus online coupons with your payment page to be sure that you’ll be not compromising with your security.The fourth essential security tip is the fact before completing a transaction online it is best to try to find the SSL signs and associated padlocks from the website you have chosen for purchases. Also it is best to make sure that you have updated your online browsers installed with your devices. Before making purchases using codes for example Tradus coupons, it is best to check the website’s legal policies for example product warranty info; shipping policy; returns and exchange policy; payment policy; policy and site fine print.